Upskill Your Team With Customized Training

Receive Funding Support When You Invest in Your Employees

Reskilling and Upskilling is a Growing Movement

The Future of Jobs report estimates that 40% of workers will need up to 6 months of reskilling by 2024. Research shows that investing in upskilling programs pays off, with 93% of CEOs who provide these opportunities seeing growth in productivity, better talent acquisition and retention, and a more resilient workforce. We offer funding opportunities to help offset the costs of training both new and current employees.

Get Funding For Many Different Types of Training

When given the right tools and training, employees are more likely to take the initiative in problem-solving. Feeling confident and appropriately challenged at work leads to a happier workplace and positive word of mouth in the community, which helps with talent acquisition. Start providing opportunities to your employees today with funding for a wide variety of training by industry subject matter experts.

How it Works

We help to develop, support, and fund training concepts for businesses in need. Many subjects are eligible for reimbursement, from business and computer skills to continuous improvement skills like leadership, team problem solving, and performance management.  Training can consist of one subject or a combination of subjects, depending on the needs of your employees and the business.

Our training programs are taught by internal subject-matter experts, external training vendors, and industry professionals with many years of experience. When you take advantage of training programs provided by Sonoma County Workforce, you and your employees get access to our network of experts, guaranteed to provide your team with the skills they need to succeed. 

All our training opportunities can be customized to your specific needs. Training programs can take place on-site or off-site at any time, depending on what’s more convenient for your team. We can even provide additional equipment or machinery depending on the training you’re looking for.

Incumbent Worker Training

For current employees, Job Link can provide funding for additional training and help increase your business’s competitiveness and your employees so both can thrive. Increasing the skill levels of current employees allows you to promote them within the company and fill positions that have remained vacant while also creating backfill opportunities for more entry-level roles. For companies experiencing financial trouble and considering layoffs, our free training can save money by upskilling your current employees to fill new positions internally.

On the Job Training

For businesses that can’t afford the talent they need, Sonoma County Job Link can provide on-the-job training to bring new employees on board and provide the qualifications they need to do their job successfully and confidently.

  1. Covers half of the wages of an OJT employee and the costs associated with training them up to $10,000 (per trainee) for up to 6 months
  2. After successful completion of training, the business would retain the person as a regular employee
  3. This allows the employee to acquire skills while working in the industry