Managing a Layoff or Closure

Strategies and Assistance For Avoiding or Navigating Layoffs

Evaluating Whether a Layoff is Necessary

Laying off employees is generally a last resort. Layoffs can backfire and sometimes even cost a company more than other options, like a hiring freeze, salary freeze, or salary rollbacks. Of course, there are also non-monetary costs to laying off employees. We are available to help you consider every possible option before reducing your workforce.

Managing a Layoff or Closure

For most companies going through a tough time, the number one priority is taking care of employees impacted by cost-saving measures like pay cuts or layoffs. Layoffs can cause emotional distress, anxiety, and depression. Job Link can provide support and services like career counseling and resume and cover letter workshops onsite to make the transition to a new job as smooth as possible.

The Rapid Response Process

When we are notified of a planned closure or layoff through employers, job seekers, or the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN), a Rapid Response Coordinator will work with the employer to discuss the available services or at our Job Link offices.

The main objective is to provide workers with the resources and services they will need to secure new jobs. This may involve vocational training or services and assistance with the job search to secure employment and return to work as soon as possible.  

Together, the employer and Rapid Response Coordinator will make a plan for services to be provided to employees, which will be communicated to employees through a presentation. We can provide several services on-site for maximum convenience, such as assessments to determine interest, values, and abilities, job search strategies, workshops, and even hiring events.

Get Assistance with Training and Wage Support

One way to protect employees who have been loyal to your business while continuing to grow when the budget is tight is to train current employees and promote them within the company rather than bringing on new talent. Job Link can assist by helping to offset the costs of training, increasing the competitiveness of your business and employees, so both can thrive.

7 Ways Job Link’s Rapid Response Services Can Help You

Depending on the needs of the employer and their employees, the initial on-site Rapid Response presentation to the workers can be customized to fit their needs.  The main focus of a Rapid Response Presentation is to provide excellent customer service in an expedited, sensitive and thorough manner. All services are at no cost to both job seekers and employers.

  1. Respond quickly to your transition planning needs
  2. Provide information on Trade Adjustment Act (TAA) and services available to workers who had their jobs sent overseas
  3. Provide unemployment Insurance, reemployment information
  4. Help you maintain good corporate citizenship in the community
  5. Handle all aspects of your business decisions with confidentiality
  6. Assist in understanding government regulations (Union Employees)
  7. Help in conducting an orderly shutdown by providing several Rapid Response Presentations