Employer Resources

Essential Supplies for Employers Looking to Hire

Get The Tools You Need To Attract Top Talent

Here at Sonoma County Job Link, we are committed to providing you with everything you need to attract and retain top talent. We partner with the State of California Employment Development Department and partner agencies to supply you with resources for hiring and training your workforce, as well as helping you access funding to avoid closures or layoffs.

Our team members are available to provide in-person services and answer your questions over the phone, by e-mail, or online.

Avoid Layoffs with Rapid Response

Rapid Response is a service to help support businesses and their employees who are being laid off. Have questions about Rapid Response?

Email: Lupe Castaneda at LCASTANE@schsd.org

Call: (707) 565-5627

Self-Employment Services

If you are self-employed, make sure you’re taking advantage of all the resources available. Job Link can help you access educational tools you may need to upskill, grow your business, and access new opportunities. We can also help ensure you’re not missing out on any benefits.

Disability Insurance Elective Coverage (DIEC) protects small business owners, entrepreneurs, independent contractors, and self-employed people who make up a large part of companies doing business in California.

Any self-employed individual, independent contractor, or general partner who meets the requirements may apply for DIEC and get access to compensation when you’re unable to work and lose wages due to non-work-related illness, injury, pregnancy, or childbirth. Learn more

Resources for Impacted Employers & Businesses

We genuinely hope the worst is over when it comes to the Covid-19 pandemic, but we also know that many businesses still have a long way to go to achieve financial stability after the past three years. There are a variety of resources available to Sonoma County business owners, from loan forgiveness, debt relief, special funding for restaurants and theatres, support for employee vaccination and testing, and managing workplace exposure.

Here are a few additional resources:

Local and Regional Resources

Providing opportunities for your employees to upskill is a win-win: lower employee turnover, less time and money spent recruiting, and happy, challenged staff members. We team up with local and regional resources to help provide no-fee training and services and opportunities to apply for funding for employee training. In particular, companies that provide high-skilled, high-wage training to new or current employees are eligible for reimbursement.