Reports and Publications

This page contains updated workforce board data, local program evaluations, and reports prepared for the North Bay region.


The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) of 2014 charges all local workforce development areas to develop and publish a plan that defines key strategies, partnerships and resources that will promote local and regional economic health for industry and individuals through the development of a strong and relevant workforce.

The North Bay Regional Planning Unit consists of the Sonoma Workforce Investment Board, the Workforce Alliance of the North Bay (including Lake, Marin, Mendocino, and Napa Counties), and the Workforce Development Board of Solano County.

Reports and Data

The Workforce Development Survey Report is intended as a tool to align local workforce development efforts with employer needs. The report summarizes findings obtained from the collective input of over 150 Sonoma County organizations.  These findings are used to evaluate current workforce realities and develop programs relevant to employers’ needs and opportunities.

2023 WDS Report

The Job Market Tracker program is an open data resource developed for community partners who seek to understand the current workforce demands that drive the local job market. It analyzes online job postings aggregated from over 25,000 sources to deliver real time insights on in-demand occupations, salaries, skills, certifications, and top employers in Sonoma County. The Job Market Tracker empowers the community to make smarter, well-informed decisions, facilitating collaboration and complementing strategic efforts that closely align with the dynamics of the local labor market.

2022 Q4 JMT

2022 Q3 JMT

2022 Q2 JMT

2022 Q1 JMT

The COVID-19 pandemic created changes in regional labor markets throughout the United States; some changes will continue to have effects until 2025 and perhaps beyond. The North Bay Employment Connection (NBEC) commissioned this study of six counties and their pre-pandemic trends and potential forecasts for regional employers’ demand for workers, occupational demand for specific types of jobs, and the skills most needed as a result of demand in those occupations. These six counties in California are: Lake, Marin, Mendocino, Napa, Solano, and Sonoma.

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